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Oct 25, 2022Liked by Rachel

Thank you for yet another considered and thought provoking pos, complete with helpful linkst. The Rijksmuseum website is a stunning tribute to the better angels of advanced technology, and to have the ability to view the Vermeer painting up close in high resolution is a real treat.

The humanist subtext of your commentary is most welcome in this unfortunate age of distraction and widespread attention deficit disorder. We don't spend enough time savouring the small, fleeting moments in our lives, and I agree we are the worse for it. "Take time to stop and smell the roses" may sound trite, but it is wise advice.

Not sure if you've familiar with the documentary "Tim's Vermeer", – if not, I heartily recommend it. https://www.amazon.com/Tims-Vermeer-Martin-Mull/dp/B00K31DQ1Q Definitely provides food for thought as to how Vermeer might have been able to create such detailed and luminous paintings.

Thanks again for curating and offering up the many masterpieces large and small on Spirit. Always a pleasure to read and to contemplate the wisdom within.

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